There Once Was a Little Job

Once Upon a Time, there was a little boutique that I thanklessly helped out. The staffed girls were over worked and desperate for a hand. The working conditions faired poorly and they constantly worried about tripping over the haphazard displays.

The old woman who sold her goodies claimed she was doing her best. She would venture far and wide for the perfect accessories and make them affordable. What she never shared though was how much they actually cost. Her promises of high quality and low price were up in smoke. Everything was cheap because she only paid 1/7th of the price!

The girls gasped in horror! Jaws on the floor they could not believe the quality they were expected to push on the customers. Display tables overflowing with knockoff clutches and scarves. Jewels that once caught light and shown brilliant rainbows now looked dull. The cries of child long past bedtime tore through the air.......

Retail is a lie.