Retail Hacks

  1. The term Outlet has no concrete definition. Different brands utilize their outlets differently. Historically, outlets housed wholesale items directly from the supplier or damaged items that could not be sold at full-price retailers. Now, Some Brands instead use completely separate warehouses to produce cheaper alternatives to their full-price counterparts. Meaning, the deals the consumer receives on the products are due to the use of subpar materials.

  2. Clothing companies like to say their clothing is "Vegan." However, the term implies it is plastic instead of anything remotely environmentally friendly. PVC and polyurethane have a carbon-intensive footprint and a lack of biodegradability. Meanwhile, Leather can be eco-friendy if tanned naturally. Therefore, Vegan Leather and Natural Leather both have their negative impacts. If the goal is to be green and animal-friendly, then consider more cotton, linen, or hemp.