I do not know

looking at how other languages say they don’t know. I think its one of the best phrases to learn


Adventure in Banana Republic Fashion

I went through so many ideas. 

I started with mood boards and lists. first I needed to find the right tone and colors for the theme and clients. I was focused on Women’s clothing in fall so I was looking at darker and less saturated colors. I love deep wine reds and floral patterns that don’t feel overwhelming. I want to add a pop of color to thicker warmer weather clothing. 

These patterns where then to be added to key drivers of the company. For Banana Republic that meant Sloan and Logan Pants but also merino wool sweaters and Dillon and Riley fit button up shirts. I also included Madison High heel shoes. These items are staples to anyones wardrobe and work year round. 

Next I created twists to classic silhouettes that still flatter and highlight classic pieces. I wanted jackets that come across as classy and more fitted than previous coats as well as bigger jewelry that complements seasonal patterns.

I plan on doing more projects like this and you can find all progress images on my Instagram @impulsivelysimple 

Resume Skills Translated

People like to discount retail employees experience and value. However, there are numerous skills a decent employee will pick up over just a few months. Some skills are more obvious than others.

  1. Being Punctual - Shifts are irregular and require individuals to be aware of traffic and parking. Additionally, It shows dedication to an employer the ability of the employee to be flexible in scheduling while being punctual.

  2. Multitasking - On any given day an employee is keeping up with numerous specials, customers shopping, and corporate goals. Everyday there is a different rush of information employees must retain and repeat to all potential customers. Then must balance multiple customers and their needs at once.

  3. Customer Service - For better or for worse, employees are expected to make sure all customers leave their store happily. Meaning, everyone feels informed, assisted, and heard. The saying “the customer is always right” is fundemantally wrong but employees are still held to that. the result is employees that know how to stay calm in stressful environments and can take critique with a grain of salt.

  4. Teamwork - Retail tends to have higher turnover than other fields due to the many entry level positions available as well as the complaints of minimum wage. When your team is constantly changing you must be able to work with many different types of people not just those you have known for months. In a store you don’t know those you are working with are reliable and communicate effectively However, you have to get work done and be able to rely on others and let others rely on you.

  5. Technology - We have all seen the massive updates in technology over the years and many have witnessed it failing at times. In store it has become increasingly common to find wireless printers, tablets for ordering and paying, as well as tap to pay devices. Employees have to stay updated on these devices as well as know alternative ways of handling interaction incase something fails to work. This carries over to being responsible for the cash register at the end of the day and assisting with online orders in store.

  6. Business Awareness - On a small scale Business awareness refers to inventory, stock, shipment, store organization, and visual displays. On a larger scale it refers to product knowledge, seasonal trends, loss prevention, marketing, merchandising, and product rotation. Even the worst of employees gains knowledge on all of these categories as the months go by. Retail workers have a hand in all of it. They understand from the moment a new collection comes in, how its marketed, where its placed and with what, its price point, price mark downs, and customer feedback.

  7. Trends (fashion) - I have learned more about fabric, patterns, and styles from working retail than any magazine or news outlet. Moreover, I have seen whats sold and whats sat in the sale section for months. Preferences between cotton and silk and linens. The change in color palettes as the seasons change.

the Calm

Everyone needs to find that one thing that gives them peace in the middle of their busy day. For me, that peace comes from putting an idea to paper. Taking a micron pen and sketching in an old moleskine. Anything seems is possible again. It’s my calm, the eye of the storm.

Photo Editing

    I have realized over the years how much more I enjoy editing than the actual process of staging a photoshoot. Photographers have a habit of making photoshoots a grand spectacle to impress their employers and make themselves seem like they deserve a bigger payout for their efforts. This action effects other in the field making them look less then for having less lights and reflectors. I’d rather skip over the chest match and get down to the details. I can take a bad photo and turn it into an A+ while others struggle with lights to try and get it right on the first try. It’s not even a competition of who has a better approach but instead a personal struggle to find the most rewarding and relaxing process. I have been working with Adobe Photoshop since ’08 and am extremely comfortable with all aspects of the program. Merging multiple raw files together and spending time touching up highlights and shadows is actually rather enjoyable. I’m working forward to more work like this because it hardly feels like work.


Simply Savannah

Georgia Peaches and Hipsters:  You would be amazed how one can create a home where they have no family. Friends, Coworkers, and Teachers can create an environment where you feel more at peace than you've even known. Now 3,000 miles away I still think about all the lives that considered that swamp land home. Thousands of students and friends that have left and are working on creating a new home somewhere else.

Georgia Peaches and Hipsters:

You would be amazed how one can create a home where they have no family. Friends, Coworkers, and Teachers can create an environment where you feel more at peace than you've even known. Now 3,000 miles away I still think about all the lives that considered that swamp land home. Thousands of students and friends that have left and are working on creating a new home somewhere else.

The Day Krispy Kreme came to the rescue

August 21st 2017 was the day Savannah, GA was suppose to see a perfect solar eclipse. Instead it rained and left many wondering what they could do.

Well Krispy Kreme to the rescue! Their eclipse donut was available no matter your weather, sun or rain. Now with some creativity, you could still see the eclipse... of sorts

Solar Eclipse.png

Krispy Kreme to the Rescue Once Again

a tale as old as time

There Once Was a Little Job

Once Upon a Time, there was a little boutique that I thanklessly helped out. The staffed girls were over worked and desperate for a hand. The working conditions faired poorly and they constantly worried about tripping over the haphazard displays.

The old woman who sold her goodies claimed she was doing her best. She would venture far and wide for the perfect accessories and make them affordable. What she never shared though was how much they actually cost. Her promises of high quality and low price were up in smoke. Everything was cheap because she only paid 1/7th of the price!

The girls gasped in horror! Jaws on the floor they could not believe the quality they were expected to push on the customers. Display tables overflowing with knockoff clutches and scarves. Jewels that once caught light and shown brilliant rainbows now looked dull. The cries of child long past bedtime tore through the air.......

Retail is a lie.


Lovely Little Lavender

Southern France: Lavender Fields Forever

You can travel every major city and still never fully appreciate what the world has to offer. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, Paris, London; these are must see major cities full of history and culture. However, larger cities can lack what makes smaller towns more unique.

Southern France arguably has more rich artistic history than all of Paris. Lyon is the Second largest city in France and home to numerous festivals throughout the year and landmark churches. Lyon additionally has an attractive night life due to its university students. St. Remy is picturesque provencal life and includes the ancient town, Glanum, a Roman ruin. Nimes showcases an Roman Ampitheather in the middle of its town and a popular three tired aqueduct that is over 2,000 years old! In the summer, Pont du Guard is a famous spot for locals and tourist alike to jump off into the cool river below. Avignon is situated right on the Rhones River. It was under Papal rule unto 1791, leaving the city surrounded by medieval stone to this day. These cities and many more in Provance tell the political and artistic changes of the country that Paris just glosses over. Here you can see Masters of their crafts’ homes and studios. You can see the wine and lavender fields rolling out in front of you and you start to understand a different lifestyle than that of busy city life.



Around the World

and yet I'd rather live over looking a lavender field than an expensive apartment in a tourist trap