The Mediator (INFP-A)

• Idealistic - you can depend on me to be optimistic. I believe most people are inherently good. They may be simply misunderstood, and that idea drives an incredibly resilient attitude in the face of hardship.

• Diplomatic - Mediators have limited interest in having power over others. Thus, I instead encourage working hard to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard.

• Flexible - For me, It is natural to be flexible and open-minded. It feels more reasonable to let go of a fixed path and instead be ready to adapt and overcome any possible obstacles.

• Creative - Mediators combine a visionary nature with open-mindedness to allow us to see things from unconventional perspectives. It’s no wonder that many Mediators are celebrated, poets and authors.

• Passionate - When something captures my imagination or beliefs, I go all in. I can dedicate all my time, energy, thoughts, and emotions to a project. My modesty can keep me from podiums, yet I am the first to lend a helping hand where it is needed.

• Dedicated - Others may give up when the going gets tough. Mediators, (especially Assertive ones, like myself) have the benefit of far-reaching vision to help them endure. Knowing what we are doing is meaningful, furnishes a sense of purpose and even courage when it comes to accomplishing a challenge. Mediators can be hard-working to a fault.

Retail Hacks

  1. The term Outlet has no concrete definition. Different brands utilize their outlets differently. Historically, outlets housed wholesale items directly from the supplier or damaged items that could not be sold at full-price retailers. Now, Some Brands instead use completely separate warehouses to produce cheaper alternatives to their full-price counterparts. Meaning, the deals the consumer receives on the products are due to the use of subpar materials.

  2. Clothing companies like to say their clothing is "Vegan." However, the term implies it is plastic instead of anything remotely environmentally friendly. PVC and polyurethane have a carbon-intensive footprint and a lack of biodegradability. Meanwhile, Leather can be eco-friendy if tanned naturally. Therefore, Vegan Leather and Natural Leather both have their negative impacts. If the goal is to be green and animal-friendly, then consider more cotton, linen, or hemp.

I do not know

looking at how other languages say they don’t know. I think its one of the best phrases to learn


Adventure in Banana Republic Fashion

I went through so many ideas. 

  For this project, I started with mood boards and lists. First, I needed to find the right tone and color pallet for the theme and client. The purpose was women’s clothing in fall, so I was looking at darker and less saturated colors. I love deep wine reds and floral patterns that don’t feel too overwhelming on the wearer. additionally, I want to add a pop of color to thicker warmer weather clothing. 

  I added my patterns to the key drivers of the company. For the Banana Republic that meant Sloan and Logan Pants, merino wool sweaters, and Dillon and Riley fit button-up shirts. I also included Madison High heel shoes. These items are a staple in many women's personal and work wardrobes. 

  Next, I created twists to classic silhouettes. The focus was on creating figure-flattering forms that highlighted the classic pieces. I wanted jackets that came across as classy and more fitted than previous coat designs as well as bigger jewelry that complements the seasonal patterns.

  I plan on doing more projects like this in the furture. You can find all progress images on my Instagram @impulsivelysimple 

Resume Skills Translated

Companies often ignore retail work history. Calling them irrelevant and neglecting the numerous skills an employee will pick up over just a few months' experiences. Some skills should be more obvious to employers than others.

  1. Reliable - Shifts are irregular and require individuals to be aware of traffic and parking. Moreover, It shows dedication to businesses from employees reliably being flexible and punctual.

  2. Multitasking - On any given day, an employee is keeping up with numerous promotions, customers shopping, and corporate goals. Every day there is a different rush of information employees must retain and repeat to all patrons. Then they must balance multiple customers and their needs all at once.

  3. Customer Service - For better or for worse, employees are expected to make sure all customers leave happy. Meaning, everyone feels informed, assisted, and heard. The results are employees that know how to stay calm under pressure in stressful environments. They can take critique with a grain of salt and continue to perform at their best.

  4. Teamwork - Retail continues to have a higher turnover rate than most other fields due to the numerous entry-level positions available and the universal complaints of the current minimum wage. Therefore, when your team is constantly changing you must be able to work with many different types of people, not just those you've known. Employees must be flexible and communicate effectively to get work done. They need to quickly determine how best to rely on others and let others rely on them.

  5. Tech Savy - In-store it has become increasingly common to find wireless devices for ordering and paying. Employees must stay updated on these new technologies to know alternative ways of handling interactions in case any issues arise. Because, of course, they will.

  6. Business Awareness - On a small scale; business awareness refers to inventory, stock, shipment, store layout, and visual displays. On a larger scale; it refers to product knowledge, seasonal trends, loss prevention, marketing, merchandising, and product rotation. Even the worst of employees gain knowledge in all of these categories. Associates have a hand in all of these. They then start to form an understanding of what effects the key performance indicators.

  7. Trend Researching - Associates learn about fabrics, patterns, and silhouettes from working fashion retailers. They see what is sold and what is neglected in the sale section. They notice preferences among seasonal fabrics. They talk about the shift in seasonal color palettes.

Photo Editing

I have realized over the years how much more I enjoy editing than the actual process of staging a photo shoot. Photographers have a habit of making photoshoots a grand spectacle to impress their employers. Their purpose is to make the projects seem more ambitious and thus deserving of the ticket price for their efforts. These rich displays can negatively affect others in the field. Thus, making them look unprofessional for having fewer lights and reflectors. I’d rather skip over the chest match and get down to the details. Focus on taking the photo available and perfecting it in post. Many would rather struggle with time over lights and wiring to get it right. However, the point is not to incite a competition of who has a better approach, but instead a personal struggle to find the most rewarding and relaxing process. I have been working with Adobe Photoshop since ’08 and am extremely comfortable with all aspects of the program. I find merging multiple raw files and time spent touching up highlights and shadows rather enjoyable. It hardly feels like work.


Simply Savannah

Georgia Peaches and Hipsters:

You would be amazed at how one can create a home where they have no family. Friends, Coworkers, and Teachers can create an environment where you feel more at peace than you have ever known. Now 3,000 miles away I still think about all the lives that considered that swampland home. Thousands of students and friends that have left and are working on creating a new home somewhere else.

You would be amazed at how one can create a home where they have no family. Friends, Coworkers, and Teachers can create an environment where you feel more at peace than you have ever known. Now 3,000 miles away I still think about all the lives that considered that swampland home. Thousands of students and friends that have left and are working on creating a new home somewhere else.

The Day Krispy Kreme came to the rescue

August 21st, 2017 was the day Savannah, GA was supposed to see a perfect solar eclipse. Instead, it rained and left many wondering what they could do.

Well, Krispy Kreme to the rescue! The eclipse donut was available no matter the weather rain or shine. Now with some creativity, you could still see the eclipse... of sorts

Solar Eclipse.png

Krispy Kreme to the Rescue Once Again

a tale as old as time

Lovely Little Lavender

Southern France: Lavender Fields Forever

You can travel to every major city and still never fully appreciate what the world has to offer. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, Paris, London; these are must-see major cities full of history and culture. However, larger cities can lack what makes smaller towns more unique.

Southern France arguably has a richer artistic history than all of Paris. Lyon is the second-largest city in France and home to numerous festivals throughout the year and landmark churches. Lyon additionally has an attractive nightlife due to its university students. St. Remy is picturesque provencal life and includes the ancient town, Glanum, a Roman ruin. Nimes showcases a Roman Amphitheater in the middle of its town and a popular three tired aqueduct that is over 2,000 years old! In the summer, Pont du Guard is a famous spot for locals and tourists alike to jump off into the cool river below. Avignon is situated right on the Rhones River. It was under Papal rule unto 1791, leaving the city surrounded by medieval stone to this day. These cities and many more in Provance tell the political and artistic changes of the country that Paris just glosses over. Here you can see the Masters of their crafts’ homes and studios. You can see the wine and lavender fields rolling out in front of you and you start to understand a different lifestyle than that of busy city life.


Around the World

and yet I'd rather live over looking a lavender field than an expensive apartment in a tourist trap