Lovely Little Lavender

Southern France: Lavender Fields Forever

You can travel every major city and still never fully appreciate what the world has to offer. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, Paris, London; these are must see major cities full of history and culture. However, larger cities can lack what makes smaller towns more unique.

Southern France arguably has more rich artistic history than all of Paris. Lyon is the Second largest city in France and home to numerous festivals throughout the year and landmark churches. Lyon additionally has an attractive night life due to its university students. St. Remy is picturesque provencal life and includes the ancient town, Glanum, a Roman ruin. Nimes showcases an Roman Ampitheather in the middle of its town and a popular three tired aqueduct that is over 2,000 years old! In the summer, Pont du Guard is a famous spot for locals and tourist alike to jump off into the cool river below. Avignon is situated right on the Rhones River. It was under Papal rule unto 1791, leaving the city surrounded by medieval stone to this day. These cities and many more in Provance tell the political and artistic changes of the country that Paris just glosses over. Here you can see Masters of their crafts’ homes and studios. You can see the wine and lavender fields rolling out in front of you and you start to understand a different lifestyle than that of busy city life.



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and yet I'd rather live over looking a lavender field than an expensive apartment in a tourist trap