Adventure in Banana Republic Fashion

I went through so many ideas. 

I started with mood boards and lists. first I needed to find the right tone and colors for the theme and clients. I was focused on Women’s clothing in fall so I was looking at darker and less saturated colors. I love deep wine reds and floral patterns that don’t feel overwhelming. I want to add a pop of color to thicker warmer weather clothing. 

These patterns where then to be added to key drivers of the company. For Banana Republic that meant Sloan and Logan Pants but also merino wool sweaters and Dillon and Riley fit button up shirts. I also included Madison High heel shoes. These items are staples to anyones wardrobe and work year round. 

Next I created twists to classic silhouettes that still flatter and highlight classic pieces. I wanted jackets that come across as classy and more fitted than previous coats as well as bigger jewelry that complements seasonal patterns.

I plan on doing more projects like this and you can find all progress images on my Instagram @impulsivelysimple